Evolve Training Solutions offers a range of off the shelf and tailored training solutions designed to meet the specific learning needs of each participant.

Our business methodology evolves around the learners trillium. The motivation of a learner to apply new knowledge and skills is directly correlated to the level of support provided to the learners to practise the new skills.

All our programs are designed to incorporate the unique learning needs of each participant. The knowledge components of our programs are re-enforced through opportunities to understand and practice the new skill in a comfortable learning environment. In many cases this is also supported through coaching in the workplace.


Presentation & Public Speaking

The rapid pace of todays business world requires the successful manager to possess strong and well developed communication skills. Your business success is reliant on your ability to conveye your message effectivly to staff, customers or even boardmembers. We have a range of communication program focusing on, presentation skills, public speaking, board presentations and train the trainer… more

Thinking Preferences

As accredited Hermann International whole brain thinking practitioners, we offer our clients innovative approaches to understanding both employee and customers thinking preferences. This insight assists with the introduction of innovative business solutions and teambuilding activities. If your business would benefit from creative solutions addressing …read more

Hermann International whole brain thinking practitioners

Business Tools

Todays business person needs a diverse business skillset ranging from selection intervieiwng skills through to time management, work life balance skills. Evolve specialises in the provison of these skills either through inhouse training programs or structured individual coaching… more